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Caribbean Forum

Caribbean Forum

Presented By

The CARICOM Heads of Mission in Ottawa
and the Centre for Trade Policy and Law (CTPL)
(Carleton University/University of Ottawa)

The Caribbean Forum is a presentation on
issues and developments which are of
interest to the Caribbean Diaspora in
Canada, in relation to trade, culture and
Diaspora engagement. Come and hear
from our young researchers and share
your views on these important subjects.
Forum Presenters:
Ms. Crystal L. Liverpool is an economist by
training who joined the Centre for Trade Policy and
Law in November 2013 as a visiting scholar under
the Emerging Leaders of the Americas Programme
(ELAP). Ms. Liverpool is currently developing an
online course for Market Access and is being trained
in blended learning at Carleton University.

Ms. Kareitha S. Gill is currently a research
associate and visiting scholar at the Centre for
Trade Policy and Law at Carleton University. Ms. Gill
is spearheading the launch of a journal for the
Shridath Ramphal Centre at the University of the
West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados. and will be
working with CARICOM Missions in Ottawa on
various trade and development projects.

Ms. Aurelia Bruce joined the Centre for Trade
Policy and Law at Carleton University as a visiting
scholar in January 2014. Ms. Bruce works on a range
of projects such exploring the possible collaboration
between cultural practitioners in Atlantic-Canada
and the Caribbean. This is underscored by and seeks
to influence the current and prospective trading
arrangements between Canada and the Caribbean.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014
at 5:30 p.m.
200 First Avenue, Third Level
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 2G6

For further information
please contact the
High Commission for Trinidad and
Tobago at 613-232-2418 ext. 31 or
Please RSVP by February 28, 2013.

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